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Trade Setups and Strategies Program

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Product Description

Complete Trading Strategy, Method And Setups Blueprint

Tape Reading Strategies

Great course. 100% relevant in today’s market. I plan to use this same strategy for bitcoin futures”
– Tim Welberm

6 Part Video Trading Course | Setup PDF Downloads

Are you a short term trader?

Do you want to learn detailed trading strategies and setups?

Comprehensive trading course with easy to watch videos and supporting PDF downloads

  • Over 5 hours of training videos
  • Strategies for trending and range bound markets
  • 9 detailed trading setups
  • Specific rules for each setup
  • Trade entry trigger locations & stop positions
  • Scaling zones and final price targets
  • Unique and proprietary ‘Flag System’ rules
  • 90 Minute Bonus Video “Using Excel to create trading opportunities, statistics and probabilities”

In this comprehensive trading course I show you the setups I use to trade a variety of markets under different conditions

For each setup you’ll see a video explanation of the strategy, with annotated charts, entry criteria, stop suggestions and price targets. Each setup also has a downloadable PDF document with the setup rules, summary, explanation and examples.

(Print off, keep on your desk to make your own notes on during the trading day)Trading is not just about having a great strategy, that’s a major part of the puzzle but not the full picture

How many times have you looked back at your trades and thought if I hadn’t taken those few losing trades I’d be up very nicely?

This happens to many traders, great trades undone by a few bad ones………How can you stop taking those substandard trades?

Enter the Flag System – Designed specifically to ensure you are only in the best trades, it’s an easy yet very powerfulway to quickly grade each trade before you take it.

I cover in detail the rules, and how to use it to keep you out of those poor setups.

“Success Is When Preparation Meets Opportunity”

Market preparation and planning is one of the most overlooked topics in trading. But arguably one of the most important.

Being prepared means you are ready and able to strike when the right trading opportunity presents itself.

See exactly what you should be doing before the trading day to ensure you are prepared and ready to grab those profitable opportunities…… Plan your attack before the bell.

But this is not just a trading course of setups, strategies, techniques and methods. It’s crammed with loads of other useful, informative and inspiring information. eg:

  • Indicators, the common trap retail traders can fall into and how to avoid it
  • Specific trade opportunities like Gaps, the Open and Breakouts.
  • How to find high probability price targets for your trade (If you’ve ever had a trade almost fill your limit then turn around completely this is a must watch section!)
  • Scaling Do’s and Don’ts
  • Techniques for developing new strategies as markets evolve
  • Staying on top of your game for years to come

This unique trading program is a complete blueprint for any trader at any level

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