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Toni Turner - The Profitable Trading Attitude

Product Description

Big profits are made from "dumb" money or trades where the person on the other side of the trade is not smart enough to see what they are giving away or, more likely, too emotionally involved to let go. 

Toni Turner now provides a step-by-step guide to make sure you are on the winning side of those trades. By developing a trading plan and visualizing those trades,
you'll be able to:
--Establish the tone of your day to provide the best possible chance for gains 
--Create a routine that makes the most critical element of your day an unbreakable habit 
--Survey the market climate to determine what trades will win 
--Set up your trades to achieve your goals in any market climate

This breakthrough course will provide you with a personal evaluation system that exposes the emotional baggage that is costing you money in every trade. It will then break down these obstacles and hardwire your core strengths to your trading plan to significantly improve your percentage of profitable trades. 

Toni reveals her "Sidewalk" technique, developed through years of experience that resulted from painful losses and has helped develop consistent gains. This easy-to-understand strategy ties the impact of fear and greed and objective stops together into a powerful and objective approach. When you have to unravel your psychology and the psychology of the market from every trade, it amplifies the effort and risk of each trade. Lock down your trading plan and by removing your emotion, you will be able to see the opportunities in the market unfold before you and let you take the profits others are leaving on the table. More than 6 hours in length

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