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Todd Mitchell – The 10 Year Trading Formula


Product Description

An important message for busy Options traders who almost never have enough time for research, analyzing charts and managing trades …

How to collect "rent" on stocks you own and earn a conservative 12%-15% a year … with minimal hands-on management

It's no secret …
Every trader is different.
Some enjoy the thrill of the hunt … the possibility of finding the next hidden trade for big money.
Others are born risk-takers who - whether winning or losing - prefer to do it on a grand scale.
Still others are satisfied with the safe route and the security it brings - even if it involves sacrificing quick profits.
As for me, I'm an Options trader who craves consistent cash flow, even though I have little time to dedicate to research and studying the market.
In fact, I have a rule that if I can't manage a trade from my iPhone, I don't do it.
I also prefer to trade on my terms - not just when the market is open.
You see, I don't trade for the home run, although once in a while I get one. I simply strive to earn a conservative 12%-15% a year, without much hands-on management.
And I’ve met this goal for the past 5 years using a simple secret …
A way to enjoy 67% trading odds in your favor before even doing any analysis.
In fact, this approach has even caught the attention of best-selling author, entrepreneur, and success expert Brian Tracy, who described my advice as …

"... loaded with great ideas for success that everyone can learn and apply, in any business, at any age."

So if this type of trading appeals to you, stay with me because I'm about to show you how to create a 20-minute-a-day,cash-flow-creating trading business.
My name is Dave Lukas.
I've been called "The Modern Day Renaissance Man" due to my work with celebrities such as Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, and Zig Ziglar.
You can find my teachings around the world - from Forbes magazine to audiences at Fortune 500 companies.
In addition, I'm also the best-selling author of The 10 Year Career: The Fast Track Guide to Retiring Young, Wealthy and Fulfilled.
Now, you might be surprised to discover the foundation for my trading approach isn't based on trends, statistical analysis or even cyclical market behavior.
Instead, to create the surest path to consistent income, I use principles from …
Real estate.
So what does trading have to do with real estate?
Well, you don't need to invest in traditional property to get the benefits of a real estate transaction.
And the same holds true for trading the market.
The fact is …

Every mid- and big-cap stock offers you the ability to own it ... while having other people pay you rent!

But it gets even better! What If I told you, I could show you a way to purchase "market real estate" at below market value, GET PAID TO DO IT, and then collect rent from it?
Imagine being able to buy your dream house at 20% below the asking price and have the buyer pay you an extra 5-6% of the price to take it from them. Would you take that deal? I would and I do it every week in the markets.
Pretty neat, right?
Well, it's true …
And the process is much easier than you might think.
The Options trading technique is called The Ten Year Trading Formula.
It's perhaps the most overlooked, misunderstood and consistently lucrative trading approach.
The reason is simple:
Most traders don't know collecting rent on stocks or getting paid to buy them at a discount is possible. So their first response is to shoot down the idea.
In fact, when developing the formula, this reaction made it difficult to find other traders to help with the research. What I wanted was too often deemed "impossible."
So I was stuck most times working alone (at least until I found mentors).
It took me over two years, 700 hours and thousands of dollars in testing before I could honestly say I found the missing piece.
Now having traded The Ten Year Trading Formula for years, I can confidently say it's been road tested and battle approved.
Fortunately, I found a few mentors who stayed by my side every day to answer my questions and ensure my success.
Now I plan to do the same for you.
In fact, this entire program is designed to give you the same positive results as my private clients who pay me $850 an hour.
Again, you'll discover how to …
  • »Increase the odds of your trading to 67% and greater;
  • »Collect "rent" from investors in the stock market; and
  • »Create consistent cash flow at 10%-12% a year.
Please understand, though …

This is not a get-rich-quick strategy. In fact, it's what I call a "get-rich-consistently program."

The Ten Year Trading Formula is for busy people who are comfortable earning consistent income with as little risk as possible.
It's for busy people wanting more than the 0.25% they earn in savings accounts.
It's for busy people who need an approach that's less volatile and more secure than a mutual or index fund.
And finally, it's for busy people who don't want to spend more than 20-30 minutes a day sitting behind a computer. Or better yet, for those that just want to take a few minutes at lunch to manage things from their smart phone.
The entire program is online for you - so you don't have to wait for the mail. Also, having it online means I can regularly update it with new examples and sections.
Of course, this format also allows you to ask me questions and discuss trades too.
Here's a quick sample of the cash flow secrets, strategies and techniques you'll learn:
  • »How to think like a real estate investor when researching the right stocks to buy.Evaluate trades using the 3 critical factors I show you and you'll get in at the right time while keeping your risk low.
  • »The secret to finding profitable stocks 73% faster using free automation tools. Once you understand the key metrics and how to use them, you'll save yourself hours of research time every week.
  • »A guaranteed way to "collect rent" on market real estate you already own and take profits like a real estate billionaire. You'll even see how to purchase market real estate way below market price … and get paid to do it!
  • »A secret strategy for buying trades at wholesale prices and producing consistent cash flow. I walk you through the steps for entering trades and seeing them all the way through to profitability. And if the trade doesn't go your way, you'll get a plan to ensure minimal losses.
  • »How to instantly turbo-charge your income with dividends. I give you the exact criteria to follow (6 pre-screening metrics) - all you do is pick a dividend player that fits your trading style.
  • »What it means to have a "runner" and how to use one to recover missed profit. This is ideal for those times when you exited a trade a little too early and now want to make up for a lost opportunity.
  • »How to turn a small account into a virtual cash flow machine. Now, I must warn you: The types of trades you'll see can be very lucrative and allow you to use less capital - but only if you follow the rules and don't get too greedy.
  • »A unique twist for using credit spreads as another way to add consistent cash flow to your trading income. These are great for smaller accounts because you don't need much to trade and your risk is defined.
  • »A step-by-step approach to setting up and managing your trading business like a professional - but without the long hours. I even show you how I do this on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. (Keep in mind, you will need to be disciplined in how you manage your time and life around your trading business.)
  • »How to turn your Options trading into an insurance company that generates consistent income month after month.
  • »And, of course, much more!
Let me remind you too …

If this program isn't everything I make it out to be, it's absolutely free.

The Ten Year Trading Formula is delivered as 8 online video training modules, each one with cheat sheets, PDF guides and plenty of examples.
Plus, you also get the Options Mini Boot Camp by my mentor, Doc Severson. In addition to bringing you up to speed on everything you need to know about Options, these 4 modules explain …
The advantages Options offer over stocks … how to understand Options pricing … 6 applications for trading puts and calls … and making your first Options income trades.
You'll dramatically shorten your learning curve so you can quickly apply the statistical advantages that Options offer.
In all, you'll have everything you need to know about multiplying your income in 30 minutes or less a day.
And don't worry, this program is not complicated.
In fact …

I'm right by your side to guide you through the entire process with unlimited online support.

Simply write me a note under any module and I'll respond to your question.
You're free to ask as many questions as you want.
Now, again, I normally charge $850 an hour for my "one-on-one" consultations. But with this program, you get my guidance whenever you need it - a lifetime of unlimited support.
With The Ten Year Trading Formula, I share my best material designed to give you an immediate advantage - at least $22,000 worth of my time and experience.
I created this program to be so clear and concise that you won't want to stop learning. In every module, you'll uncover a new skill, discover a new revelation and learn a new way to make consistent income.
This information is critical to any trader's success.
Of course, at this point, I'm sure you have a pretty good idea whether this program is right for you or not.
You've though about whether you want earn a conservative 12%-15% a year (without much hands-on management) … instantly turn the trading odds in your favor … and spend just 30 minutes a day creating a cash-flow trading business.
And, even if you're pretty sure - but not fully convinced - here's what I suggest:
Take The Ten Year Trading Formula for a "test drive" and put the strategy in action for yourself.
After all …

Your decision carries no risk, thanks to my guarantee.

You see, I made The Ten Year Trading Formula as affordable as possible for any trader serious about their financial future.
The entire program and lifetime mentoring from me is just $997.
And if you apply the material for a full year and feel I failed to deliver on my promises to you, I'll refund 100% of your investment - and you can simply walk away with a wealth of information.
You just have to prove you applied the strategies (and not just let the program collect dust).
How's that for fair?
Essentially, I'm removing your risk so you can create a 30-minute-a-day, cash-flow-creating trading business.
But I'm not just taking on your monetary investment, I'm also putting my time on the line to make sure you succeed.
Again, you have lifetime access to me to ask questions, discuss trades and overcome any challenges.
Just think … in only a week or two, you could purchase your first piece of market "real estate" with investors immediately paying you rent.

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