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Ted Tesser - Bulletproof Your Trading Profits from IRS Attacks


Product Description

Join tax expert Ted Tesser in this comprehensive and illuminating presentation on what he describes as a voluntary U.S. tax system that exists for the informed as well as the ignorant. This disc intends to inform every viewer on the significant laws, rules, plans, and guidelines that will aid those who wish to pay all the tax that the law demands… but not a penny more.

Be educated through the selective and sometimes humorous presentation of actual tax cases, winning and losing court cases, and other examples that speak to the often complicated ways in which to handle one’s tax status in anticipation of April 15. Hear very specific advice on reducing your odds of being audited, and further advice on surviving an audit should it occur. Viewers can react to the “trader questionnaire” to better understand their status options and make better decisions on structuring their positions, and see detail of the top court cases where an advantageous trader status was or was not allowed. Most importantly, each viewer is presented with the top 50 questions they may forget to ask as they prepare themselves as informed taxpayers.

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