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Steve Nison - Candlesticks Trading Course


Product Description


1) Steve Nison's DVD Workshop - Strategies For Profiting With Japaneses Candlesticks Charts - 4 DVD with online manual (Value US$695.00)

Steve Nison, the very first to reveal candle charts to the Western hemisphere, and the world's leading candle charting expert, discloses his favorite tools, techniques and strategies in a six-hour DVD workshop.

Filmed at one of his full day live seminars, this workshop is perfectly tailored to those new to candlesticks or those who want to make sure they are using candlesticks correctly and to their maximum profit potential.

Discover Steve’s all time favorite candlestick signal (this alone is worth the price of the DVD!) Learn the importance of risk/reward analysis as Steve reveals his Trading Triad®. These are many of the very same techniques Steve uses for his institutional clients.

For those new to candles...

This workshop is perfect for those new to technical analysis or candlestick charts or those who want to make sure they are using candles correctly. (Be careful - there is a lot of wrong information out there on using candles!!) On a trading knowledge scale from 1 to 10, this workshop will take you to a 6.

What You'll Gain:

* Steve’s Most Important Candle and Western Patterns
* Combining Western technical indicators with Candle Charts
* Reducing risk with Candle Charts
* Powerful Techniques NOT FOUND in Steve's best selling books
* Special Bonuses: Steve will personally answer your questions plus a free book or audio CD
* Much, much more . .


2) Steve Nison's DVD Workshop - Secrets To Becoming A Samurai Trader - Advanced Candlestick Charting Techniques - 2 DVD with online manual (Value US$695.00)

Filmed at one of my rare full day advanced seminars, SECRETS TO BECOMING A SAMURAI TRADER: Advanced Candlestick Charting Techniques is so comprehensive ... so loaded with "ready-to-use" methods, tips, techniques, and ideas ... you'll be ready to trade like a pro! That’s because I divulge many of the very same secret advanced trading tactics that I have taught to market makers, institutional traders and professional hedge fund and money managers around the world.

In this new ground breaking DVD course, I present powerful methods (many are revealed only here) for trading with candlestick charts with maximum precision and effectiveness.



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