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Rick Burgess - How To Trade The Rick Burgess Triple-Thrust Momentum Method


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“Right now better traders are ready to take your money. After this course you could be taking theirs instead.”
Five years in the brutal world of pit trading taught Rick Burgess what it takes to get–and keep–profits. Now he’s going to teach you how to outwit professional traders trying to get your money.
Including the #1 strategy he uses to trade against the best traders in this competitive environment. . . .

Never forget this:
Better traders make their money by taking your money.
To succeed for the long term you have to get your hands on their playbook, and beat them at their own game.

I’ll give you that playbook. And I’ll teach you the #1 strategy I use to stay well ahead of the pack. In all my years of trading it’s the most consistently successful strategy I’ve ever used.

But I didn’t just buy it off a shelf or learn it from the guy next to me. I had to invent it, because it didn’t exist anywhere else.

Here’s how it happened. . . .

If the pros are taking money from the amateurs, who’s taking money from the pros?
During my early days in the pit I got hit by every offensive play imaginable. I knew I wouldn’t survive without getting even tougher than I was going in–and that was pretty tough.

So I watched the upstairs traders. I wanted to learn what indicators they used, when they traded, how news affected the pack action. Then I watched the pit traders. I saw how they “pitted” themselves against the amateurs, practically reaching in their pockets to extract every last penny.

It didn’t take much time to learn how to beat the amateurs. But I decided that to really succeed I also had to beat the pros.

Because if they’re taking money from the amateurs, who’s taking money from them? I decided it should be me! All I needed was a rock-hard, water-tight strategy.

How to develop a strategy that can beat the pros.

I had already recognized that momentum trading is where you can get the biggest gains with the least risk, both “upstairs” and in the pits.

There are standard indicators that just about everyone –amateur and pro–uses to strategize momentum plays. MACD, EMA, stochastics, ROC, and RSI are known to nearly every trader. All I had to do was figure out how to “supercharge” the indicators to put me in trades with more accuracy and speed than even the other pit traders.
3 Indicators supercharged into one powerful strategy.

By modifying the MACD, tweaking the EMA, and layering a volume study, I invented a strategy that’s the trading equivalent of a Formula I racing machine–fast, steady, and responsive.
Trading friends began calling it the Burgess Triple-Thrust Momentum Strategy. If they were really good friends I taught it to them.

And now, I’ll teach it to you too. Just order my Burgess Triple-Thrust Momentum Method course today for only $395. With complete instruction and a total of 50 interactive trading simulations, there’s no better value for your money!
Here’s what I (and hopefully you!) can do using the Triple-Thrust Momentum Strategy.

In less than five seconds Rick Burgess can:
1. Identify an opportunity,
2. Calculate my entry parameters (size, price, and bias),
3. Calculate my stop loss exit, and
4. Execute my trade.

Sound impossible? It’s not. In the ongoing battle between buyers and sellers, if you don’t make lightening-quick decisions you could miss the best opportunities.

The Triple-Thrust Momentum Method lets me quickly find and enter fast intraday momentum moves.
Plus it helps me to stay a couple of seconds faster than everyone else.
What’s more, because of the layered indicators I use, it keeps me only in the most active trading times.
In this course I’ll teach you the exact method I use to achieve these results.

Exact trade parameters

You’ll learn exact parameters for every trade, including the minimum number of bars from the market open to wait before trading the strategy, the specific hours to trade and not trade, and the precise signal for buying and selling.
Anticipating market direction

You’ll also learn to anticipate market direction. The best momentum play occurs when there is a violent directional move. By having the three indicators I developed for my Triple-Thrust Momentum Method all in alignment, you’ll be put into the move earlier than the pack.

Setting stops
The Triple-Thrust Momentum Method helps you set stops by telling you when to expect a market reversal or pullback. When two of the three indicators reverse there are good odds of having to reverse the entire position.

Trailing stops
You’ll learn exactly when and how to calculate your trailing stops too. I’ll tell you what setup to look for before setting your stops in order to lock in profits and not be on constant watch for a reversal.

Non-negotiable stop rules
Loose stop parameters can wipe out the best trades. I’ll give you two simple stop rules that will help prevent capital depletion.

Entry/exit tactics
You’ll also learn the best tactic to use in order to protect yourself from the pit locals out hunting for stops.

Use professional traders’ tactics to turn the tables on them!

You’ll be in for even a more surprises in this course. Like how trading at round number levels can give you an advantage over less savvy traders. And how to use the news to outwit inexperienced traders who think they’re onto something important. And even which technicals to watch to fade the public nearly every time.
These are the real insider secrets of professional traders. And now you can turn those same secrets against the pro traders themselves!

Including the biggest one of all–the Burgess Triple-Thrust Momentum Method.
All the ingredients are in this course. Including 50 complete interactive trading simulations. These simulations use real market action to train you exactly how markets move and how to use the Triple-Thrust Momentum Method.
You’ll watch as charts develop and my three indicators are applied. On the first simulations I’ll explain exactly what’s happening, how the play is developing, how to read the indicators, where to set your entry, how to place your trailing stops, and how to make your exits.

Then you’ll get to work the simulations. You’ll practice everything I’ve taught you, and then be tested on your skills. It’s the best way I’ve ever seen for you to be able to master this strategy the way you’ll use it every day.

Decide right now that you can be as good as any top trader out there.
I believe that you can, and I’m going to give you the tools to help get you there. They’re in this course–theTriple-Thrust Momentum strategy, the 5-Second Method for finding and entering trades, the insider tactics of Rounds, Fading the Public, and Gaming the News.

In this course you’ll discover:

Rick’s 5-Second Method for finding and entering fast intraday momentum moves in E-minis, equities, and more.
The 3 Triple-Thrust Momentum indicators that give Rick confidence to enter the market without hesitation.

  • Why the Triple-Thrust Momentum Method generally keeps Rick Several Seconds Ahead of other traders–even the pros.
  • The lesser-known interpretation of Fib. Levels that locals use to rack up big gains at your expense.
  • How experienced pit traders use Rounds to shake out undercapitalized traders.
  • The crucial Timing Rule that most traders miss, costing them a bundle.
  • Why to be successful you must develop a Lizard Brain–it’s all about survival and speed!
  • How these Layered Indicators will put you only in the most active trading times.
  • How to chop small money out of existing positions by Gaming the News.
  • Which technicals to watch to Fade the Public nearly every time.
  • How to customize the Triple-Thrust Momentum Method to Fit Your Own Trading Style.
  • The best strategy to trade a Sideways Market, including specific stop rules.

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