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Joseph Frey - A Complete Course in Option Trading Fundamentals


Product Description

Joseph Frey - A Complete Course in Option Trading Fundamentals

Now, this fast moving presentation from respected Options Industry Council instructor Joseph Frey provides a comprehensive overview of options trading -- from basic concepts to sophisticated strategies. Ideal for beginners, or any trader looking to refine skills, Frey focuses on the nuts and bolts of option trading including:

     · Why options don't behave like stocks - and differences in price action.
     · The impact of implied volatility on every option trade
     · Basic put and call purchases
     · 4 fundamental actions underlying all option trading techniques
     · 6 primary option strategies for bullish investors
     · The 3 key reasons options traders fail - and how to avoid them
     · The 50% rule for "at-the-money" price moves
     · How time decay can quickly eat up option trading profits

Plus, he explains advanced bull/bear spreads, straddle techniques, and the various "directional option strategies" he's instructed over the years. With detailed discussion on how option prices are determined, what causes them to change, case studies of specific strategies in action - and when to apply them - this comprehensive session will help you meet your ultimate trading goals and prepare you for real-world, profitable, option trading in no time.

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