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Hari Swaminathan SwingTradeMAX and EarningsMAX Class Option Trading Systems

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Product Description


Powerful playbook of Earnings trades

Profit from Volatility bump and “Crush”

Methodical approach to maximum results

Proprietary option trading strategy, suitable for earnings trades.

Hari Swaminathan promises that his strategies give trader an edge in trading!

Covers four trades, that cover all possible situations/stocks.

We all know Earnings events can be highly speculative. However, CHANCE favors the PREPARED. Earnings season provides us with significant trading opportunities that can be exciting and explosive. The EarningsMAX product is a playbook of trades that can be applied to different stocks in a methodical and analytical manner, so you have the best chance of maximizing profits. Choosing the right trade for the stock and the timing of these trades can be critical. Watch the video above to learn more about EarningsMAX.

The EarningsMAX playbook

•”All earnings trades are not the same”

•A methodical approach to Earnings season trades

•Design every Earnings trade appropriately for the stock and cycle

•Understand the Volatility explosion and implosion cycles

•Understand all the factors to be considered for an Earnings trade

•Trades BEFORE, DURING and AFTER earnings event

•Complete details on FOUR types of trades



•Choose the right expiry series for each of the FOUR TRADE TYPES (CRITICAL)

•Detailed analysis of past earnings events and the Earnings cycle

•Take advantage of the Volatility explosion and implosion cycles

•Which of the FOUR TYPES of trade are best suited for a stock

•The interplay between Time decay and Implied Volatility (CRITICAL)

•Adjustments if trade go in your favor or against

•Sample earnings trades in the April / May 2014 cycle for each type

•Comes with complete risk and trade management techniques

Course Curriculum:

1-Class-Part1 (70:00)

2-Class-Part2 (70:00)

3-Class-Part3 (25:13)

4-Class-Part4 (49:53) 


Powerful “swing” trading system

Signals produce high-probability trades

Use it for trading Stocks and Options

Proprietary option trading strategy, suitable for busy professionals, who cannot follow markets intraday.

Swing trades are trades that last from few days to few weeks.

Course covers technical analysis, stock identification, and rules for entry and exit from trades.

Hari Swaminathan promises that his strategies give trader an edge in trading!

Maximize moves with SwingTradeMAX

The greatest feature of the SwingTradeMAX system is its ability to stay in a winning trade right up to the point the move is over. This means you can maximize the profit potential of every winning trade, and “milk every trade to the last drop”.

Find the highest probability trade entries on a daily basis

Laser targeted entry for a 20% to 80% potential

High-probability signals for an EDGE on every trade

Customized indicators to give the most powerful SIGNALS

Low-risk, and very HIGH REWARD on any trade

Comes with complete trade entry and trade management techniques

The SwingTradeMAX System

•Use Options to generate powerful returns in a few days

•High probability setups with an edge on every trade

•Proprietary signals delivers the best trade opportunities

•Customized indicators for accurate trade entry

•Explosive return potential of 20% to 80%

•Loss mitigation and Profit protection techniques

•Ideal for small and large account sizes

•Ideal for busy professionals and executives

•Ideal for traders outside the US in any time zone

•Ideal for part-time traders

•Ideal for smaller accounts

•Will work in any Options market world-wide

•Indicators available on all charting platform

Course Curriculum:

1-SwingTradeMax-Class (114:00)


SwingTradeMAX & EarningsMAX Class Contents: Videos

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