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Forex Mentor - Advanced Forex Tactics for the Forex Trader

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Product Description

Forex Mentor - Advanced Forex Tactics for the Forex Trader

Advanced Forex Tactics Webinar

Seldom Revealed "Behind-the-Scene Insight into Today's Forex Trading Environment

with Chris Lori, CTA

This info-packed webinar already took place on Saturday, Oct 13, 2007, Chris delivered almost 6 hours (3 hours overtime!) worth of extremely valuable insider Forex information you simply won't find anywhere else. If you are serious about your Forex trading business, this webinar is simply a MUST. The knowledge gained from this webinar will make you and save you tens of thousands of dollars.

If you missed the live event, you are in luck. We have made the entire video recording accessible online for you to study at your own leisure . Don't missed this incredible educational resource. Get the recording now! 


***BONUS: Receive the Pro Traders Club for 30 days *** 

Dear Trader,

If you are like most traders, you trade the SPOT Forex because of theenormous money making potential this market has to offer!

But did you know that there are MANY other ways to make money in the Forex than just trading online through a broker?

Discover the OTHER great Forex investment alternatives the institution traders use that are ALSO available to YOU!


It's absolutely important for you to discover the many more ways to profit from the foreign exchange market than just makingspot trades through an online trading platform.

Are you aware of the countless foreign exchange trading and investmentalternatives available to you to profit from, with controlled risk?

Although these vehicles are not offered through your traditional brokers, they can be much more accommodating to your lifestyle and can often compliment your SPOT trading.

In this webinar, I will reveal tactics you can use to leverage your FX knowledge and earn income with passive positions, while diversifying your investment!

As a CTA and fund manager, I often see traders miss out by not engaging in other foreign exchange investment vehicles. It is like going to the nice restaurant and always ordering one dish! Why restrict yourself to limited income potential in a market that offers unlimitedprofit potential?

Kudos from Webinar Attendees.....

{Sally_Saxon-GT} Thanks so much Chris!  I appreciate your expertise and willingness to go the extra mile.

{Alexandru_Profiriu} What a wonderful show Chris. It really empowers you. Thank you.

{Ed} Talk about value. outstanding presentation chris, cya @ PTC

{Elwyn} Triple overtime in delivery as usual... Thank you Chris!!!

{Craig_C_} Thank you for the enlightenment

{RGVEGAS} Awesome chris!!!!!

{L._Alexis} Chris this is invaluable info.

{Geoff_Lowes} Thanks Chris great show

{Keith_Sartori} EYE Opening-Thank You!

{Christina} Thank you for sharing your day with us

{Elwyn} Thank you Chris excellent presentation...

{Shirley_Hudson} Thank you very much - incredible endurance

{Gary_Parrish} Thanks, Chris.  You 'da man.

{ayoomole} Chris its Ayo thanks a lot you are my inspiration

{JS} Thank you for a very good webinar and the extra time you've spent!!

{Danibra<PT>} Another fantastic webinar. Chris, you´re the best!!!

{Andre_Lamontagne<EN>} Thanks for all your time and knowledge Chris ... you're my mentor !

{Norman_Ford} Chris thank you I only got to see the first three hours went across the street to finish a bath remodel I'm doing and you are still here WOW

Many forex traders have regular day jobs. I will show you how you can pull significant profits not by sitting in front your PC all day, but by thoroughly understanding and applying your Forex knowledge.

You will simply not learn these advanced information elsewhere:

Some of the Topics covered:

Retail Banking vs. Private Banking
FX Trading at a Bank
Dealers vs. Proprietary Traders
Bank Dealer/Trader Activities
How to read and digest bank analysts reports
Knowing Bank Sentiments
Trading thru a bank
Managing Currency Exposure
Multi Currency Accounts
Retail Banking and FX
Private Banking and FX
Watch Interest Rate and Market Interest Rates
Rate Spreads
Trade for Profit and Diversification
Currency EFT's
Cathay Bank
Multi Market/Multi Instrument Broker
Alternate Currency Plays
CAD Digital and Binary Options
New Zealand Yen Knock Out Forward
The Carry Trade
Gold Strategies
Broker, Bank, ECN or others
Deal Desk vs Non Deal Desk ECN
Keeping Your Broker Honest
New Dealing Alternatives
Currenex Facility
Multi Bank FIX Protocol
Growing as a Trader
Advisory Services
Managed Accounts
Trading Plan
Market Review


After the event, I want you to have a thorough understanding of the inner workings of the forex market —at the institutional levelI can't stress how important this is to your development as trader. In addition, I will show you how to capitalize this knowledge byleveraging some brand new money making investment alternatives offered by the foreign exchange market.


I am sure you know that the world of Forex is growing at an astounding rate! When I started trading foreign exchange in the day of phone orders and a dial up connection, there were about 3 pages of forex websites on a yahoo search engine. Today, you will find thousands of brokerage sites all competing for your money. Are they all crooks? Well, some certainly are and you don’t want to hold an account with them!

I am simply astounded at the number of forex websites and brokerage firms that intentionally use deceptive language and other means to obtain clients in order to generate revenue.

I have heard countless stories of traders feeling cheated by their broker but don’t bother to call and contest the situation. If they do call, they are fed a standard text book response that the account reps (who typically know very little about the real world in this industry) are trained to use when such an incident arises only to leave the trader speechless, because they don’t know what to say. My objective is to help you fully understand and optimize your trading business. To avoid pitfalls, and learn what the future holds in foreign exchange trading.

If you are managing a fund or an active trader, are you aware that there are various ways you can trade with the benefit of very narrow spreads (and I’m not talking about the 2 pip wiggly spread.)

Do you know that leaving your asset portfolio exposed to only one currency is a HUGEmistake in this day and age!

We will arm you with information that you can use to avoid currency investment scams and bad brokers. Don’t give your hard-earned money away!


Would you like to know:

  • How do the banks make all their money?
  • How do fund managers make their money?
  • Can I trade thru a bank?
  • I know there is a lot of money to be made in Forex, how can I use my knowledge to trade at a bank and take advantage of other investment opportunities in currencies?
  • How do I incorporate currencies in my portfolio?
  • What other foreign exchange products can I trade and where can I trade them?
  • How do I know what product or service to buy and what not to buy in the forex industry?
  • How do I know the best broker to use?
  • How do I stop getting cheated by brokers and others selling forex stuff and services?
  • So it’s a 24 hr. market… That’s a good thing?
  • Do I trade during the holidays?
  • I heard of a managed fund with great returns, how do I know it’s not a scam?

Gaining these knowledge can cost you a lot of money thru trial and error!

Attend this webinar and receive some of the most valuable, seldom revealed insights on theinner environment of the forex market. I guarantee your Forex trading knowledge will be taken to new heights.

Other subjects to be covered in the webinar include:

1. How the Bank Traders trade

2. Bank Traders vs. Bank Dealers

3. How do fund managers make money

4. Trading platforms Retail, Semi Bank, Bank – don’t use pda’s web trader platforms, etc.

5. Forex and Your investment portfolio – Diversification is a must. Trade at a bank!

6. Alternative Currency Investments and Derivative plays

7. Lies and tricks brokers use to get your business

8. Importance of watching multiple price feeds

9. CFTC financial disclosures for FCM’s

...and much more, including questions from attendee’s



First 45 signups will get one month of Chris Lori’s Pro Traders Club at no cost! (a $159 value). This means you get the webinar for $40..What are you waiting for?


Get access to the full video/audio recording of this webinar following the event. Review the critical information at your own pace.


By the end of the event, you will have all the information to make right choices for your trading business. You will possess knowledge and strategies very few retail traders will know about.

***This is also your opportunity to ask a professional trader and fund manager anything related to the business of Forex trading. I will not rest until your questions are answered.

I hope to see you at this event. I promise you won't regret it!

Chris Lori, CTA

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