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Elliot Wave DNA

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Product Description

Content: The Complete package with bonuses uploaded and sent to your email adress

It comes with the EW Toolbox (Elliot Wave Toolbox) that will label the moves with a simple click and shows the hidden tagets

It’s not all about the money.


I post some of my analysis most days on Facebook. People can see my results for themselves. 

I love the comments I get from people when they see things I have predicted materialize before their eyes. That’s the great thing about Elliott Wave DNA. It so good and so accurate that you can tell people what will happen before it happens. 

Let me share with you what you will get when you join me. 


You get 6 DVDs


DVD #1 

This DVD is intended for people who have never traded before. It might surprise you that a lot of my clients are brand new to trading. 

In some ways they have an advantage because they haven’t been polluted with half-truths and misinformation. 

In this DVD I cover. 

1. What is Forex? 2. Currency Pairs
3. Margin Pips and Lot Size 4. Market Sessions
5. Order Types 6. Trends
7. Chart Types 8. Candle Sticks Patterns
9. Chart Patterns 10. Meta Trader
11. Psychology of Trading  


DVD #2 

Most people are surprised by just how easy this is when you apply just some common sense. 

The main topics I cover are: 

1. Elliot Wave History 2. Motive Phase
3. Impulsive Waves 4. Extended Waves
5. Leading Diagonal 6. Ending Diagonals
7. Corrective Phase 8. ZigZag Correction
9. Flat Correction 10. Triangle Corrections
11. Complex Corrections 12. Double Three
13. Triple Three 14. Elliot Wave Labels


DVD #3 

This DVD is a bit of a secret and I can’t tell you everything that is in it. 

All I can say is that I will introduce another well-tested concept in Fibonacci levels. 

From this point you will begin to see everything come together.

You will understand why you had so many losing trades in the past or why they seemed to stop dead in their tracks. 

Elliott Wave DNA is the only course of its kind where you will learn exactly what the market will do before it does it. 


DVD #4 

Ultimate Strategy & Trade Setup Examples: 

By this stage you will have learned how to count and validate the different patterns. 

I will share with you real life examples of exactly how to manage your money and only take high-probability, low-risk trades. 

One of the unique things about Elliott Wave DNA is that you can trade aggressively or conservatively. 

We cover: 

1. Risk Management 2. Trading Motive Phase
3. Trading Corrective Phase 4. Conservative Trading
5. Aggressive Trading 6. Trading
7. Real examples of everything you learned so far.


DVD #5 

The Quick Trader: 

It’s time to get real! You move from Elliott Wave Theory into real-life, real-time Elliott Wave DNA in action. 

I take you through several examples of each of the trade types you’ll master with the DNA system. You will see me trade the system in these live recorded videos. 

1. Live Conservative Buy 2. Live Conservative Buy
3. Live Conservative Buy 4. Live Conservative Sell
5. Live Conservative Sell 6. Live Conservative Sell
7. Live Aggressive Buy 8. Live Aggressive Buy
9. Live Aggressive Buy 10. Live Aggressive Sell
11. Live Aggressive Sell 12. Live Aggressive Sell


DVD #6 

I have taught many people how to make money trading and most of the time people have the same questions. 

On this DVD, I recorded one of these Q & A sessions with a group of people who just learned how to trade Elliott Wave DNA. 

You will hear many of the questions I am sure you have and I answer them all. 


12 Cheat Sheets

My students tell me this their favorite thing in the whole course. Every time you see a setup, you can grab the cheat sheets and check that you have it exactly right: Have your entry set at the right place, your stop loss set at the right place, and your take profit set. 


Detailed Instruction Report 

Some systems you buy don’t divulge how the system works, or they give you part of a system. 

With Elliott Wave DNA I share every nuance in minute detail.

Every single rule is included and you can refer to this manual every time you trade. 

This is the most complete package of Elliott Wave training you will find anywhere I have ever heard of. 

But there’s more… 



+ $197 Bonus


When you work with patterns as much as we do it can become tedious to label the different waves. Plus, Elliott Wave professionals have their own special ways of doing this. 

With my Elliott Wave Toolbox, not only will you be able to label moves with a simple click, but it will also show the hidden targets in the market that no one else knows about. 

This will amaze you.
Example #1 

To demonstrate just how amazing my discovery is have a look at the next chart. It's a chart of the US Dollar, Japanese Yen (USD/JPY). Don’t worry if you don’t know some of the terminology I use, I will teach you everything you need to know. 

Anyway, you can see on the hard right edge of the first chart I have labeled as #4. I knew what would happen next, and placed my trade. I made 300 PIPs on that trade. A PIP is the smallest increment of a currency and stands for Percentage In Point. Again, if you are new to trading, don’t worry. All the jargon and terminology will be explained when you join me. 

You get to decide what those PIPs are worth. 

Each PIP might be worth: 

and so on. 

In my example trades each PIP is worth $10 in real money. So my 300 PIPs are worth $3,000. 

I will show you my most recent statements later so you can see the kind of money I make. 
Example #2 

In my next trade of the Australian Dollar, US Dollar (AUD/USD), I placed my trade when the market was at #4. 

People will tell you that it’s impossible to predict the future, and that is true, but it is not impossible to predict human nature, and that exactly what I did. 

I went on to make 900 PIPs = $9,000 
Example #3 

My next trade was with the British Pound, US Dollar (GBP/USD). Again at point number 4, I placed my trade and made 800 PIPs for a profit of $8,000. 
Example #4 

In my next example: the Euro, US Dollar (EUR/USD), I placed my trade when the market was at point number 5. I knew what was going to happen next and pocketed 2000 PIPs for a profit of $20,000. 
I don’t only take trades when I see a 4 or 5. I take trades at every point on the chart. Probability is on my side. 
 Let me reveal the best forecasting 
tool in existence… with a twist.

In the 1920’s a young accountant decided to take a trip to Central America. During that trip he contracted an illness that forced him to retire from accounting and he lost his main source of income. 

During his convalescence, he decided to make good use of his time by studying the historical data of the Dow Jones. 75 years of data to be precise. 

He studied everything from half-yearly charts down to 30 minute charts and meticulously took notes of his observations. His research results stunned him. 
 He had cracked the code. It’s my intention to retire within the next two years. I now have enough money and my focus has changed to helping others achieve their dreams. 

In case there is any doubt about my ability to trade. Here is a REAL LIVE account statement. 
 August - 85% Profitable Trades 


September - 90% Profitable Trades 


October - 77.7% Profitable Trades 

 Trading Is My Passion.
Not everyone likes to look at statements, so here are some live trades I have taken recently. 

Before you watch these videos, let me just say something. Don’t get scared when you see the numbers and letters I use. That is part of the magic of Elliott Wave DNA. I can show anyone this and unless you know what I teach you, it will mean nothing to you. 

All I want you to get from the videos is that I made these live trades based on scientific analysis, not a bunch of indicators or software. My system is based on the only thing that matters when you trade – price. 
  The World’s Most 
Advanced Forecasting System

I want you to think of this as the world’s most advanced forecasting system, that has worked for nearly 100 years, with results that have proven accurate in up to 85% of all forecasts. 

Just think about that for a minute. Let’s say hypothetically that you took 100 trades and risked $1,000 on each trade. However, when you win you make three times what you risked. It would like this: 

85 trades won X $3,000 = $250,000 

15 trades lost X $1,000 = $15,000 

Net Result = $240,000 Profit


Original Price: $997

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