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Alex Szweda – Elliott Wave Theory With Fibonacci


Product Description

Learn about most popular investing theory and do first step to make profitable transactions on Forex, Stock Market …

According to the statistical data provided by the brokers, even 90% of the debutantes is losing all their money in a period of six months! Also, 80% of Investors lose on the transactions during a year and on average, after losing 15 000 dollars they stop their attempts of investment. If you don’t want to be in a group of people losing money on investing, you are in the right place. Taking part in this course you will make a first step to understanding the market and you will give yourself a chance for a profitable investments.

This course is about the most popular investment theory created by Ralph Nelson Elliott. Elliott Wave Theory is used in transactions by individual analysts and people working for the biggest financial institutions in the whole world. In this course I will explain the most important issues of the Elliott Wave Theory and additionally I will describe the use of the Fibonacci numbers concerning the Wave Theory of Elliot.

In this course Alex Szweda will teach you:

  • How mark a Five Wave Structure.
  • How mark a Eight Wave Structure.
  • How recognized Impulse and Corrective Waves.
  • How to mark Impulse Wave extension.
  • How to mark Impulse Wave failure.
  • How to recognized all Corrective Patterns.
  • How create Joint structures of Corrective Waves.
  • How create Trending Channels.
  • How use Fibonacci numbers in proportions analysis.

Using this theory in your analysis you will be able to make profitable transactions on Stock Market and Forex – Foreign Exchange.

This course can be classified as Forex basics, Stock market Basics Course because many people just starting their adventure with investment on market by learning the theory of Elliott Wave.

The Wave Theory enables the unlimited profits ! Investing based on this theory enables to analyze the monthly charts as well as speculating on really low time intervals like M5, M15 and earning money on Day Trading ! Elliott Wave Theory also is used by many investors into creating investment strategy and even investing systems.

In this course you will learn about most important issues of Elliott Wave Theory.

You will know how to use Fibonacci numbers concerning the Wave Theory of Elliot.
You will achieve also thanks to which you will be able to create your own analyses for Stock Market or Forex.

High Quality of Video.
High Quality of Audio.

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who want to invest in the Stock Market or Forex.
  • Anyone who wants to understand Elliott Wave Theory.
  • Nowbies that have a little knowledge about Financial Market.
  • Also course is meant for intermediate and advanced Traders.


Alex Szweda – Elliott Wave Theory With Fibonacci Contents: Videos

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