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Power Charting - Beginner to Intermediate Intensive Q&A Video

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Beginner to Intermediate Intensive Q&A

This course offers almost 3 ½ hours of intensive Q&A covering the following topics: Indicators, Moving Averages, Support and Resistance Levels, Fibonacci, Setups, Entries, Exits, Stops*, Market Events, News, and Trading Psychology. In this webinar Robert also presented training on indicators and other topics that he did not share in any other course as a bonus to this group.

Topics and Tips Covered
  • 2 Bar Break Strategy entry
  • 20 MA
  • ADX Indicator
  • ADX Indicator and direction strength
  • ADX Indicator and Trend strength
  • ADX settings and Fish Hook reliability
  • Andrews Pitchforks - Robs feelings about them
  • Conventional Wisdom (Edward and McGee)
  • Divergances
  • Do not trade time zones
  • Drawdowns - focus on trading right
  • Entering and exiting trades (profit targets)
  • Favorite Overnight trading time
  • Fish Hook and other indicator confluence
  • Fish Hooks (RSI Levels - 45 and 55) Alert areas
  • Fish Hooks closing and entry level
  • Government involvement
  • Highest probably setups
  • Key Reversals - Heavier volume bars
  • Key Reversals - Price action and trend changes
  • Key Reversals - Price actions color bars
  • Let winners run
  • Live trading sessions idea
  • Moment of "Arrival", finding niche
  • Moving average trending
  • News (Avoid) - too much Vegas
  • Pyschology - Bias - having or changing - it does not matter
  • Pyschology - Humility and failure and success
  • Rob becoming profitable
  • RSI
  • Scale In method
  • Setups Entries and Stops etc
  • Speedlines
  • Stock trading and stock personality
  • Stops
  • Suicide bar
  • Support and Resistance exit levels
  • Trading plan, trending and MTF
  • Various time range charts
  • VIX (Volatility index)
  • VIX (Volatility index) - Psychology
  • Volume Indicator
  • VWAP (only in confluence with others)
  • Wide Range bars and scale in method

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