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Dynamic Trader 6 Dynamic Trader Real Time and End Of Day

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Product Description

Dynamic Trader 6 Dynamic Trader Real Time and End Of Day

Dynamic Trader is the most practical trading software and educational package!


Click Here to download the DT Software and Trading Course booklet which includes a complete description of all the unique routines, features and reports in Dynamic Trader Version 6.


Click Here for a virtual tour of Dynamic Trader.




"For me, the satisfaction from learning Dynamic Trader comes from the confidence I now have when I wish to enter the market. The Dynamic Trading trade strategies not only help me know when is the most opportune time to get into a trade, they also provide the specific price targets which let me know my risk and potential profit before entering the trade." Frank Strawn

DT's Unique Time and Price Trend Reversal Target Zones

No other trading program will prepare you in advance for trend reversal target zones for any market and any time frame like DT.

Only Dynamic Trader includes the proprietary Dynamic Time Projection trend reversal targets and End Of Wave price target zones. You will be prepared in advance for time and price trend reversal targets to adjust stops very close to the market and prepare for a trend reversal. How valuable do you think this unique information will be for your practical trade strategies?




"Your Dynamic Trader Software is a superb piece of work. It is the best trading software program I have ever seen. Any trader who doesn’t utilize this great material can’t be serious. My profit stands at approximately 1,060% for the past three years." Steven Griffiths

DT's Proprietary One-Click Wave Bands and DTosc

DT's proprietary oscillator, DTosc,  beats any other momentum indicator to alert the trader to a momentum and price reversal as it happens. The One-Click Time/Price Wave Band targets can be made an alert to warn the user any market and any time frame is in a position to complete a trend or corrective pattern.


After-the-fact analysis is useless to a trader. No other trading program provides the unique features and routines that are included in Dynamic Trader; the features that identify trend targets and reversal zones in advance. How valuable to your trading would it be to be prepared for the probable trend and reversal targets in advance for any market and any time frame whether you are a day, swing or position trader?




"Bob. As you know, I’ve been studying and putting into practice your educational material for years. Thanks for turning my trading around. Dynamic Trader is the crowning achievement of your service to us traders and investors." Don Holtzinger

Order The DT Software And Trading Course, Today!


Trade Strategies For Any Market and Any Time Frame

The DT trading software provides a unique complement of routines and features for time, price, pattern and momentum analysis. Most not found in any other software. Plus, we provide  comprehensive education through the DT Trading Course manual provided with the software, the free DT Daily Report subscription and DT Owners Training Videos.


When you become a DT trader you receive an immediate and ongoing trading education with the DT Trading Course manual, DT Owners Training Videos and subscription to your choice of a DT Daily Report (Futures, Forex or Stocks/ETF). You are not going to be left alone to figure out how to use DT for practical trade strategies.


We will provide you with a wealth of educational materials with the software purchase.




"Your brilliant book Dynamic Trading and your DT software have launched me into a series of profitable trades."

 Many thanks. John Roma

DT's Powerful and Proprietary Scan Reports

Dynamic Trader includes five very powerful portfolio scan reports. With one click, scan an entire portfolio of stocks, ETFs, futures or Forex for the best trade setups.


The DT Dual Time Frame Momentum Reversal Scan is a new and very powerful portfolio scan that will identify which markets make a dual time frame momentum reversal each day. This is an incredibly powerful alert report for high-probability and low-risk practical trade setups. 






DT Trade Setup Scanner - Scan For Reversals and Volatility Breakouts

The DT Trade Alert Scanner will scan for a variety of short term reversal and volatility breakout setups each day and give you the specific entry and stop for each setup.


The DT Trade Setup Scanner can scan a portfolio for 25 different reversal, trend continuation and volatility setups.






The DT Trade Setup Scan results page will identify the market, and buy or sell prices that confirm the setup pattern.




"DT is the first program to put it all together. For years, traders have successfully applied Gann and Elliott techniques to the markets. Robert, you have isolated the best of both those worlds and developed your own unique method that I believe will stand the test of time." George Fizer

Dynamic Trader Does It All!

Be prepared in advance for trend targets and reversals for any market and any time frame with the unique tools, routines and reports found only in Dynamic Trader.







"Your trading course has taught me how to finally trade the market in a way that I can enter with complete confidence. After learning your course and using the methods you taught with Dynamic Trader, I have been able to take a $5000 account to over $13,000 in two months." Tim Ducroz


Learn To Trade With the Dynamic Trading Educational Package Included With Each DT Software Product

We teach you how to use the program and how to make the trades. The Dynamic Trader Trading Course, included with the DT package, includes the High Probability Trading Strategies book, plus the Dynamic Trading Course manual which teaches you the key trading strategies.

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