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Dan Sheridan 2011 Calendar Workshop

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Product Description

Calendar Workshop (in MP4 Video Format high quality)

May2011 to June 2011 Live Webinar with Live Trade from Dan Sheridan

Dan taught a new five week class that focused on sharpening your skill as a Calendar trader. He put on 8-10 calendar paper trades in the class on different vehicles. 

This class gives you the opportunity to combine practical experience with your knowledge of calendars. Different Calendars such as Campaign, Guerilla, Double and Triple Calendars will be traded. Simple risk management approaches with no adjustments as well as approaches with adjustments were covered. 

Each class averaged 2 hours. You’ll be getting almost 16 hours of extremely focused and useful information that you can use forever. It’s the difference between an advisory service giving you the fish versus learning to fish for yourself! 

Dan Sheridan, 22 year CBOE Options Market Maker, taught professional PIT traders for years and now is going to teach you the same strategies and techniques used by professional traders for years! See what’s inside this new course: 


NEW: Dan put several trades on each week and did LIVE updates in-between classes so you can follow Dan’s analysis and adjustments to each trade.

You can access the recorded materials indefinitely

You can access any future live classes for this course!

You can apply this class fee towards our premium mentoring program for one full year!

Class Overview WEEK ONE (2 hours 6 minutes)

Running an Options Business

Why Do Calendars?

Greek characteristics of Calendars

Finding Calendar candidates

VIPES-Process for filtering candidates

Making a plan

Go fishing! Dan put on a live trade for execution purposes

Put on two class calendars

Week 1 Update1: 43 minutes

Week 1 Update2: 31 minutes WEEK TWO (1 hour 37 minutes)


Guerilla Calendars (Dan walked through a GE trade as an example)

Directional Calendars (Dan walked through an SPX trade as an example)

Class Trades

Week 2 Update1: 40 minutes WEEK THREE (2 hours 16 minutes)


Next class and update

Directional calendars

Double calendars in AAPL

Class trades

Week 3 Update1: 35 minutes

Week 3 Update2: 49 minutes WEEK FOUR (1 hour 37 minutes)

Review a basic trading plan

Calendar spread adjustments

Reduce size and deltas

Turn into double calendar

Diagonalize the calendar

Take off half and add butterfly

Turn into double calendar

Add a long option

Just take off

Add put credit spread

Other adjustments

Week 4 Update1: 28 minutes

Week 4 Update2: 15 minutes WEEK FIVE (1 hour 21 minutes)Mark Fenton, one of Dan’s mentors, taught this class

Double Calendar Spreads

Front Month vs. Back Month Decay

VIPES-Best Conditions for Double Calendar Spread

Double Calendar Concepts

Trade Entry


Adjustment Points and Guidelines

Trade Exit

Week 5 Update1: 18 minutes

Week 5 Update2: 41 minutes WEEK SIX (1 hour 15 minutes)


Calendar Guidelines, part 1

Guerilla Calendar

Index Calendars

WEEK SEVEN (55 minutes)


Calendar guidelines, part 2

Double Calendar

Campaign Calendar

Directional Calendars

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